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Feature Spec Script

Page Count: In Development

Genre: Thriller

Budget: Low

Jaxon Orlando is a young social media influencer struggling to make a name for himself amongst the greats, but when he's kidnapped and held hostage in South America the world will become captivated by his story.

Perfect for streaming.

Heroes of Divine

Feature Spec Script

Page Count: 114

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Budget: BIG

A ragtag group of adventurers must escort two young wizards across a dangerous and unforgiving landscape as an evil Empire hunts them, set on using their magic to unleash a terrifying fate upon the world.

Intended to kickstart a big-budget blockbuster franchise suitable for the whole family.


Little Hawk and the White Woman

Feature Spec Script

Page Count: 113

Genre: Western, Adventure, Drama

Budget: Low - Mid

After her husband is killed by a bear, pregnant Wilma Foster finds herself in the care of a Blackfoot scout named Little Hawk, who agrees to escort her through the dangerous and unforgiving Rocky Mountains in search of a new home to the north.


Finalist - Oaxaca Film Festival 2021

Semi-Finalist - Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Contest 2020

Official Selection - Rome Independent Prisma Awards 2020

Official Selection - Yucca Valley Film Festival 2020

“With his script Little Hawk and the White Woman Aidan Rawnsley tethers us to characters from the first act. Very similar to how Ron Howard directed the relationship between Samuel (Tommy Lee Jones) and Maggie (Cate Blanchett) in the 2003 film Missing. This is a solid piece of storytelling.

Oaxaca FilmFest”

2021BleakEncounters copy.jpg

Bleak Encounters

Feature Spec Script

Page Count: 129

Genre: Crime, Thriller. Noir

Budget: Low

A corrupt mayor, a dead body, the Detroit mob, and a government conspiracy all befall the sleepy Canadian town of Noble Creek in the week leading up to Halloween.


Gold Prize Winner - Hollywood Screenplay Contest 2019

Official Selection - Oaxaca Film Festival 2021

Official Selection - Creation Independent Film Festival 2019

Official Selection - All Genre Screenplay Contest 2019

Nominee, Best Full-Length Film Script - ITIFF 2018

“Aidan Rawnsley’s script Bleak Encounters uses a conventional formula in a very unconventional way. The style in which Aidan develops characters makes for great storytelling.

Oaxaca FilmFest”

Take Note Poster.jpg

Take Note

Short Film

Page Count: 5

A boy's dreams of performing in the school talent show are threatened by his overbearing father.


Top Finalist - Hollywood Hills Awards 2017

Semi-Finalist - Los Angeles CineFest 2017

Official Selection - Wilson Oakville Film Festival 2018

Official Selection - Birmingham Film Festival 2018

Official Selection - Screen It! Film Festival 2017

Official Selection - Chapel Allerton Film Festival 2017


The Audition of Vince Crane

Short Film

Page Count: 25

A young aspiring actress takes up an offer for acting lessons from an estranged and lonely tutor who likes to go full method with his techniques.


Neutral Ground

Short Film

Page Count: 15

Two rival crime families meet on neutral turf to discuss the fallout of an unsanctioned murder.


Official Selection - Birmingham Film Festival 2016

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